Pimm’s Royal Punch

Yield: Makes 10-15 servings

Pimms is generally consumed in the Pimm’s Cup with ginger ale and a fancy garnish. 

This summer punch (also known as Pimm's Royal Punch) by Kelowna's Krafty Kitchen takes it one step further, letting it macerate with fruit and then adding sparkling wine rather than soda.


¼ cup cane sugar

2 lemons, sliced into wheels

2 cups diced kiwi

1 grapefruit, sliced into wheels

1 orange, sliced into wheels

1 spartan apple, halved and thinly sliced

16 oz Pimms No. 1

4 oz orange juice

2 oz lemon juice

1 bottle sparkling wine


  1. Place sugar and fresh fruit into punch bowl and stir until sugar has dissolved
  2. Add remaining ingredients and large ice cubes (the bigger, the better) to keep cold

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