Our contributors share their favourite potluck dishes

Are you ever stuck for ideas when choosing a dish to make for a potluck party? We love the opportunity to try other people’s cooking, so we asked our contributorsfor their favourite potluck dishes. Here are all their tried and true holiday recipes.

Mini Dutch Apple Pies
“I love classic pies, and am usually in charge of desserts, so these tiny sweets are my go-to for potlucks. They’re superquick to throw together and work for large groups because everyone gets their own pie. Even if people are stuffed by the end of the night, they usually take them home!”
Lynda Sea

Carrot Halvah
“…is my favourite winter potluck dish. It’s a favourite with kids and adults alike, and it’s so easy. It’s a great way to get kids involved in cooking their own veggies they’ll love to eat. It’s versatile and practically allergen-free! You can serve it cold or hot, and as a side dish or for dessert. It’s fail-safe.”
Christa Bedwin

“Wife Saver”
“Having so many close friends who are chefs, I am fortunate to have fantastic potluck experiences, however it can also create a bit of “pressure” when choosing what to bring! I love brunch and so when we get together I make a modern variation of what is still called the “wife saver” today by the Best of Bridge ladies. It brings back childhood memories, and will leave any brunch-lover wanting more!”
Patricia Koyich

Classically Meaty Lasagna
“I was thrilled to find this lasagna recipe a little while ago; it’s so much better than store bought or even frozen ones, and really doesn’t take that much longer. It’s rich (but not too rich), meaty, and can feed a good-sized group of people for dinner, and a much larger group if part of a potluck. The base recipe is from America’s test kitchen, but it’s very easy to modify.”
Tom Firth

Vegan Chocolate Haystacks (Gluten-Free)
“I can’t help but to bring dessert to a potluck, especially during the holidays. These chocolate haystacks are a family favourite that I’ve been eating for as long as I can remember. They are the perfect chocolatey bite for after a gut-busting holiday meal.”
Mallory Frayn

Caramel Butternut Squash Apple Squares
“It’s always nice to think outside of the standard ‘pumpkin spice’ box, so these caramel butternut squash and apple dessert squares have become my holiday potluck party go-to. Bet you can’t eat just one. Actually, I goddamn guarantee it!”
Dan Clapson

“Time is my most valuable asset, so for potlucks my dish has to be easy and delicious, but very quick to make. If I can put everything in a food processor and give it a little whizz, then it’s ideal for me! I love making humus as I usually have all the ingredients to hand, and can vary it easily by adding roasted garlic, chili flakes, basil, red peppers etc.”
Linda Garson

Cheater’s Pulled Pork
“As a home cook, I have always suspected the Crock-Pot as a failsafe way to cook the flavour out of any dish. But you can’t go wrong with a fatty pork butt slow cooked for 12 hours. Traditionally, pulled pork requires specialized techniques, equipment, and know-how. No need to complicate things. Try this recipe for melting, savoury, moist pulled pork.”
Matthew Browman

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