It’s finally starting to happen, rosé wines are finally shaking off most of the stigma that pink wines are all flabby and sweet, or simply not good wines. Rosés are some of the finest, most pleasurable wines out there and it is my profound pleasure to continue to share them with people.

Pink wines are generally made by pressing red grapes in such a way that only a small portion of the colour compounds in the grape skins (most grapes have white or colourless flesh) are allowed to come into contact with the pressed juice. It is possible to make pink wine by blending white and red wine, but most winemakers don’t entertain that as an option.

Contrary to popular belief, rosés don’t have to be sweet, though many have a little residual sugar to help balance the wine. But don’t worry, our brains are hard wired to enjoy a little bit of sweetness, and I promise you’ll enjoy these wines.

I’ll even pinky-swear on it.

Miguel Torres Las Mulas 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé, Central Valley, Chile

This organic rosé is quite dark with more than a touch of varietal character. Strawberries, spice box, cassis and bell pepper aromas show on the nose while in the mouth, good balance is struck by nice acidity, a spicy mid-palate, and a mid-length finish. About 9 grams of sugar are quite noticeable, but paired with slightly spicy Asian or fusion cuisine, you’ll want another glass. Around $15 CSPC 770077

Tantalus Rosé, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

A delightful little number made from the pinots meunier and noir. Cotton candy pinkish in the glass with a clean, pure summer fruit expression along with a touch of candy stick and plum. Good weight in the mouth, the sweetness is apparent but not excessive, and the overall balance of fruits is well played. A clean, very easy to enjoy glass of rose. Match it with cheese plates, cured meats, or something with scallops… $32 CSPC 740513

Chapoutier 2014 Bila-Haut Rosé, Cotes du RousillonVillage, France

Oh to be enjoying this in France instead of my office…. Based around cinsault and grenache, the nose is eloquent and pretty with soft, summery fruit, candy stick, and a mild chalkiness bringing some mineral. Flavours are fresh and tight with easy fruits, a nice structure, and more-but don’t serve too cold. $16-17 CSPC 770805

JoieFarm Rosé, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Electric pink in the glass with purple/mauve highlights, this promises to be exciting. Aromas a little subdued initially, but crushed raspberries and strawberry jelly notes squeak through along with a decidedly dried herb/sage like quality which gives it a little honesty. Palate-wise, its got the goods. Nice fruit, a little bitterness on the back palate and good balance. Pair with grilled or BBQ sausage, or something like salmon steaks. $32 CSPC 731772

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