Ever since I started in the wine business about 20 years or so ago, I’ve tried to fight this crazy inertia that grips wine drinkers. Sparkling wine is not only for special occasions. There, I’ve said it once more. Like sparkling wine? Pop that cork any day of the week peeps!

Sparkling wine comes in all shapes and styles, from white to pink, and even red. The most famous sparkling wine comes from Champagne, France. Sparkling wine from that region bears the name champagne on its label, and everything else should say sparkling wine or use another specialized term suitable for the product.

As to getting the bubbles in the bottle, the best way is to let the wine undergo a second fermentation in the bottle, which is the champagne or traditional method and it produces finer bubbles and a more “toasty” flavour.

Here are seven of our favourite sparkling wines that can be drunk for any occasion, all year round!

Segura Viudas NV Reserva Cava Brut

Segura Viudas is probably still best known for their top offering with the pewter-looking base and cool gift tin, but don’t overlook the “everyday” bruts. Green apple, a little lime juice, and peach aromas work very well together, while on the palate – maybe it’s the extra aging – quite mellow for cava, while still showing off all that bright and crisp character. Very nice.
CSPC +746962 $18

Bottega “Petalo” NV Il Vino dell’ Amore Moscato

This gem is a sparkling moscato, so if you like the style, now’s the time to perk up. Buckets of summery, tropical fruits with an undercurrent of grape juice and soapstone mineral character. Definitely some sweetness in this glass, though managing to keep it balanced with some decent acids. Juicy, refreshing, and perfectly moscato!
CSPC +580993 About $18-19

Villa Conchi NV Cava Brut Seleccion

A new cava to me, I loved the distinctive slate and concrete aroma I expect in cava, while some peach and citrus fruits poke through nicely. A little toastiness and creaminess work very well here, making a clean and enjoyable bottle for table or poolside.
CSPC +769173 Around $18

Sartori NV Prosecco Brut

Striking a lovely balance between tropical fruits, peaches and maybe a bit of canned pineapple, with a mild scent of fresh bread and more, the palate brings a very interesting layer of lemon pie. I won’t say sweetness, but there is a lovely texture that brings out a little bit of the sweet fruits. Very enjoyable.
CSPC +769855 $18

Wolf Blass Yellow Label NV Sparkling Brut

Popping the cork, one is greeted with scents of quince, lime, melon, and sure, a little lemon and apple followed by very mild toasty character. Perhaps the most “champagne-like” in this lineup, the flavours are toast and apple with a medium long finish and good balance throughout. Makes me want some oysters….
CSPC +70829 About $18

Tiare Bolle NV Spumante Brut

Bright and fresh on the nose, with prominent apple and lime aromas and just a touch of sourdough starter and mineral. Quite dry, it’s also lightly weighted on the palate. Good balance, nice flavours, and perfectly suited to sipping casually. So think deck parties or even cocktail parties. Highly recommended.
CSPC +782156 $26 or so

Ruffino NV Sparkling Rosé

Had to have at least one rosé right? Simply wonderful on the nose with strawberry fruits and a touch of raspberry jam. Flavours are bright and consistent with a longish and well-balanced structure right till the end. Surprisingly good, highly recommended.
CSPC +779071 $17

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