Sirloin and Brisket Burger

Yield: Makes 16 patties

Recipe by Chef James Waters, Diner Deluxe


Corned Beef Brine

8 cups (2 L) water

140 g kosher salt

110 g garlic

69 g brown sugar

30 g pickling spice

Sirloin Brisket Patty

1.3 kg beef sirloin

900 g beef brisket

8 cups (2 L) corned beef brine

4 Tbs smoked paprika

To taste salt

To taste fresh cracked pepper


  1. Mince the garlic, then add all the ingredients to a saucepot and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and let cool. Reserve brine for the beef brisket.
  2. Sirloin Brisket Patty
  3. Cut beef into small cubes of meat so the beef can marinate faster.
  4. Brine the brisket in the corn beef brine for one week. To brine the brisket, simply submerge the beef in the brine, cover and refrigerate. (This step is optional.)
  5. If you brine, on day five, dry rub the sirloin with smoked paprika, seal in a ziplock bag, and refrigerate for the last two days.
  6. Once the two meats are ready, either grind the meat yourself or have your neighbourhood butcher do it for you.
  7. Mix the meat evenly and season with the salt and pepper. Make a small test patty to test seasoning is correct.
  8. Form the patties to approximately five-ounce patties to make an even 16 patties.
  9. Wrap them into packs of four and freeze what you will not be eating.

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