Learn how to safely make steak, tuna and spicy salmon tartares

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Legend has it that the feuding Tartare tribe did not have time to stop to cook their food so they used to keep raw meat under their saddle. After a day’s riding the meat would be minced then they would combine it with other ingredients for a quick meal.

A more reliable explanation has tartare first being served in French restaurants early in the 20th century. What is now generally known as “steak tartare” was then called steak à l’Americaine. Today thankfully, we have a bit more time to cook, but why mess with a good thing; we still like it raw. Here are three recipes for the famous dish. The first is a fairly traditional steak tartare, then a delicious Asian inspired tuna tartare and a spicy salmon tartare. The key to success with this dish is simplicity, freshness and quality of ingredients.

Tip: You can also make a vegetarian tartare by combing a mixture of vegetables, cubed with a pesto or mayonnaise based sauce.

General guidelines for safe, delicious tartare success:

Keep your workspace clean.

2. Keep your ingredients cold.

3. Buy from a reputable butcher of fishmonger, and let them know that you want it for a tartare.

4. Make sure to use the freshest ingredients.

5. Pre-chop everything but the meat/fish, and assemble at the last minute.

6. Chop the meat/fish just before using.

7. These appetizers should be eaten immediately and not left out for guests to nibble over time.

8. Make sure your knife is very sharp.

9. Since this isn’t a very time-heavy recipe, take the opportunity to chop your ingredients to a consistent size to make sure the texture is perfect.

Recipe: Steak Tartare

How to make steak tartare

Recipe: Tuna Tartare

how to make tuna tartare

Recipe: Spicy Salmon Tartare

how to make spicy salmon tartare

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