Suffering Bastard Cocktail

Continuing obsession: The classic Suffering Bastard cocktail. 

Current obsession: Making a Suffering Bastard with mezcal. 

The wonderful grassy, smokiness of mezcal plays so nicely in this classic drink that was invented in Cairo Egypt, during the Battle of Africa in WW2. The Shepheards Longbar in Cairo became so well known for serving this drink to British soldiers that German General Rommel famously declared, "In two weeks, I'll be sipping champagne at the Shepheards Longbar, in Cairo" (Spoiler: He never made it). I've always been fascinated by the interplay of mixing two primary spirits in a drink. 

Photo and recipe by Tarquin Melynk


1oz mezcal

1oz gin

1/2oz lime juice

ginger beer, as needed


  1. Mix everything up with a potent fresh ginger beer in a tall glass - with lots of ice.

The finishing touch is a 'bitter snow cone' - Top your concoction with crushed ice and liberally splash Peychaud's Aromatic Bitters on top.

It's the perfect summer drink - bracing, fresh with subtle smoked agave notes on the aroma and finished taste.

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