The Red Snapper

By Tarquin Melnyk

In 1969, Calgary Inn Manager Walter Chell was a tasked with creating a special drink to celebrate the opening of an Italian restaurant in the Inn (now home to the present-day Westin Hotel downtown).

Taking inspiration from Spaghetti alle Vongole and the existing Red Snapper (Bloody Mary) cocktail created by Fernand Petiot for the New York’s St. Regis Hotel in 1934, Walter stumbled on a formula that had legs. Serious legs, and the Caesar was born.

Enter Walter All-Natural Craft Caesar Mix. A small-batch, craft product with better ingredients, more flavour, and significantly less salt - is a solid alternative to the leading Caesar mix, all stored in a glass bottle.

Walter Caesar has launched in Toronto and Vancouver, expanding into the Alberta market in late March with two recipes available. One mildly spiced with a white cap, and a well spiced one with a black cap that contains grated horseradish.

The move to a Caesar simply requires the addition of more Caesar mix, to taste. We suggest serving it in a rocks glass with a side part of fleur de sel.

Photo by Cory Knibutat


1.5 oz Premium Vodka or Gin

2.5 oz Caesar Mix

.25 oz Fresh Lime Juice

2 dashes Celery Bitters

2 drops Tabasco Sauce

3 drops Worcestershire Sauce


  1. Combine liquid ingredients in a Boston Shaker. Add ice and shake hard.
  2. Strain into a coupé with a fleur de sel rub on one side, allowing the person enjoying the drink the option to choose more or less salt.
  3. Garnish is entirely up to your creativity so think fresh herbs, olives, celery or bison jerky.

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