We all know that one of the first steps to eating better is to cook it yourself, but young, single professionals and empty nesters face the same dilemma – the challenge of just cooking for one or two people. Sure, you can eat leftovers for the next three days, though that just sounds like a recipe for resentment and calling the closest Chinese takeout joint.

People often forget that their freezer can be their greatest asset for storing ready-made meals that you canre-heat and, more importantly, eat within minutes.

Here are my tips on how to get your freezer full of easy meal options that can get you through the week whether you’re a bachelor working long days or a family with too many after-school activities to juggle!

What you can freeze

  • Recipes that have a higher liquid content, like soups, stews, chilis, sauces, broths, even porridge!
  • Casseroles or cooked vegetable dishes (can reheat from frozen – make sure you budget extra time to make sure it is heated through)
  • Cooked grains and beans
  • Bread and baked goods
  • Raw meat – can freeze with marinade
  • Blanched vegetables and chopped fruit


Short on space?

If you have limited freezer space, one of my favourite tricks is to portion my food into zipper lock bags, then freeze them flat. You’ll be surprised at what a spacesaver it can be. Ice cube trays or muffin tins can also be used to help with portioning – make sure you grease them well or use silicone trays, so you can pop them out and wrap them up once frozen.

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