Alright, cider!

Who doesn’t love to compare and contrast some totally unexpected ciders that arrive within a day or two of the other?

This one comes from the folks at BC Tree Fruits, and seems to be a wonderful value-added product for the producers. It’s one thing to make wine, but another to grow the grapes and make the wine too, and I love the carry-over to the apple and tree fruit producers.

I’ll confess, I don’t drink a ton of cider around the house. My wife is far more likely to enjoy one rather than me, but I do spend a lot of time thinking about complexity and balance in what I am drinking.

So off to the fridge to get these chilling.

Pretty much one word comes to describing this cider. Delicious. Seriously-delicious. Smelled like a just-dropped apple. Crushed fruit aromas with nothing but pure, naked apple. We both found it a little tart, but also completely refreshing. Carbonation was a bit muted – we were expecting a little more – but it was also pretty well completely dry, so it didn’t need much bubble for balance. It felt and tasted like a very grown-up version of fresh apple juice meant to be enjoyed after lunch. Some people might find it a bit bland compared to sweeter versions, but there was no denying the purity of fruit here. Simply delicious.

A four-pack of 473 ml cans will set your wallet back about $14-15

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