I am Root! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Imagine my delight when I get an email saying that the fine folks at Molson are sending something my way. A fellow that loves certain types of surprises, I forgot completely about it until it showed up at my door.

Cider! At the tail end of what was one of the mildest winters I can recall in Calgary – the day after the wife and I chilled out on the deck when the boy went to bed (for the first time in 2016) – and in mid-freakin’ April.

I don’t drink a ton of cider. My wife enjoys them far more, while I find them a little too sweet. Coming from Molson, I suspected this example would tread the fine line that is the very center of cider flavour profiles, including sweetness and fizz. So should I expect the perfectly average cider? Is that actually a bad thing?

A few notes from the fact sheet: It’s from all-Canadian apples (nice touch, way to support the local team)…uh, that’s it for facts.

So let’s taste.

It’s definitely for those who like a richer, sweeter cider. The carbonation wasn’t over the top, but I found it smelled a bit like the apples in an apple crumble. So a slightly spicy, baked apple sort of aroma. Noticeable sweetness for sure, but overall a nice and clean, pure apple fruit. Would likely resonate with Strongbow drinkers – especially those that prefer the gold one.

A four-pack of 473 ml cans will set your wallet back about $14-15

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