Sometimes, you wonder who the heck came up with that? If you want, you can imagine my response to a bottle of the new Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Shiraz showing up at my place as sounding much the same, but maybe with a few expletives thrown into the mix.

Imagine it. A wine aged in whisky barrels. Saints preserve us.

It’s the first winery to ever attempt such a thing to my knowledge and the first to release it upon an unsuspecting world too…

Before your palate starts hyperventilating like mine did, know that the wine was first properly matured in traditional, “suitable for winemaking” barrels before being finished in whisky barrels. This sort of thing is quite everyday in whisky production; the whisky is aged in traditional barrels before being finished for a short time in sherry casks or some other type to add a layer of complexity.

It’s nice and red in the glass as it should be, while on the nose, nothing stands out as unusual though some aromas are a little transient and a switch from old wood, to caramel or cola, toffee, or something a little acetic. I’m not going to say the “V” word, but other than that, it has raspberry fruits, some plum, and a slightly dusty, earthy character. Flavour-wise, it’s alright, the flavours are analogous to slightly older or cellared shiraz while still preserving some of the sweetness or youthful character of the wine. I’ll give this one a passing grade as its enjoyable to drink, has some conversation-worthy flavours, and it’s making me hungry for grilled, slightly charred meats on the barbecue or ribs. Glorious ribs.

So go on, give your palate both barrels….

Around $20 on most liquor store shelves. CSPC +768910

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