I love a good bargain. Maybe it’s my Scottish ancestry (those deep pockets and short arms…), but I certainly enjoy getting good wine and not paying through the nose to get it. El Petit Bonhomme – or as I guess you could call it, “ the little good man,” which sounds like a euphemism for a body part that is covered by a swimsuit – is a wine from Spain that comes from the always personable and talented Natalie Bonhomme. 

In the petit line we have two wines in the market: a red from Jumilla based around monastrell, grenache and syrah, and a white from Rueda made from verdejo. 

So, white first…

El Petit Bonhomme 2013 Blanco, Rueda, Spain

Ooh, that’s nice! Wafting across my lucky nose is white blossom, peaches, mangos and a bare touch of vanilla. Looking for something tropical? This will do. Pretty consistent flavour-wise with taut tropical fruit, a perfectly agreeable acidity and a slightly creamy finish with fresh almonds rightat the end. This grape rarely disappoints, and this is a perfectly refreshing bottle. Pair with poultry or seafood of all types.

CSPC +79046 about $13-15 on most shelves. 

Now for the red…

El Petit Bonhomme 2013, Jumilla, Spain

First off, if you like spicy noses, you’ll love the cracked black pepper aromas that lead off in this glass. Matched with cherry fruits, a little blackberry and earthiness to boot, it all works well here. Flavours are pretty well bang on with good harmony between acid and fruit as well as tannin and spice. It isn’t too heavy either, so it should work very well outdoors on the deck or patio with a burger in one hand and a glass of this in the other. Really any red meat you can prepare over a flame will be new best friends with this all-season red. 

CSPC +169383 about $13-15 on most shelves. 

There is no denying the great value in these wines. And almost just as important, they are both good (and look good) as a matched set. Maybe you are planning some outdoor events? Or some sort of event where wine might be on the table? Maybe budget might be something to consider? Definitely try these gems.

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