The Entertainer 2014 Red Blend, South Australia

Is this the perfect party wine or the next “Apothic Clone” to hit the shelves? I’d been wondering this all night when the bottle arrived and I didn’t have a chance to tackle it until now.

Paying homage of a sort to the legendary Wolf Blass-winemaker and so much more, who was known apparently as “the Entertainer” due to his — and I quote, from the press kit — “bold personality and lighthearted mischief.” Most of you have probably tried the Wolf Blass Yellow Label at some point, and if you have or keep wine at home, you probably have at least one bottle of wine from the brand. This is a hearty blend of grenache and syrah, so I had some hope for something tasty, yet varietally driven.

Suitably impressive, and no syrupy goo-fest. A little of both grapes comes through bringing enough spice tones and fruit expressions on the nose, while the palate is … refined? Maybe subtle? With good fruits, even better balance, and really agreeable tannin – for those concerned about “sweet reds”, this isn’t one of those. The marketing sheet recommends tapas, flank steaks, or gouda cheese, and I certainly wouldn’t disagree though I find myself thinking of Puttanesca sauces or some garlicky dishes-versatile, enjoyable wine. A steal for around $16-17 on shelves, CSPC 770587

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