• Dill Pickle and Leek Soup

    You know what they say: “ April showers bring May flowers.” Although that may be true, in Alberta’s case, there’s usually a snowfall or two in the month of April as well.

  • Step by Step: Scotch Eggs

    We talk a lot about eggs in April — Easter does that to us.

  • Maple Bourbon Glazed Ham

    A good glazed ham is next to godliness and this recipe is certainly no exception. Any leftovers are perfect for sandwiches the next day or diced up and adding to a simple breakfast hash.

  • Braised red cabbage

    Braised cabbage pairs well with most types of roast meat whether you've got a big pork shoulder braisin in the oven or just a few chicken thighs.

  • Easy Lamb Skewers with Spring Greens

    Three cheers for the return of barbecue season! If your back deck is set-up and ready for sunshine then try cooking up this simple lamb skewers for dinner one night this spring.

  • Lamb Stew with Mint Pesto

    Though there are still plenty of rainy days ahead of us before summer officially arrives, stew is more of a wintery dish to many.

  • Green Herb Lamb Roast with Roasted Asparagus and Peas

    This beautiful roast lamb dish is perfect if you're entertaining a big group of friends and family over the Easter weekend. If you still need to fill a seat at your table, we're also happily accepting any last minute invitations.

  • Pigeonhole’s Lamb Tartare with Smoked Castlevetrano Olives and Shallot Crema

    We love beef and bison tartare, but we couldn’t be happier to be asked if we could get the recipe for Pigeonhole’s lamb tartare. This is one very impressive and delicious dish – many thanks to Chef Douglas King for sharing his recipe!

  • Smoked Goose and Lentil Soup

    Soup doesn’t necessarily solve the problem of fluctuating weather patterns, but it’s easier to not care about what’s going on outside when you’re spooning into a big, delicious bowl of it.

  • Brownies with Warm Whisky Ganache

    Chef Serge Jost of Edmonton's Fairmont Hotel MacDonald offers up his recipe for indulgent, chocolatey brownies served with a side of whiskey ganache.

  • Off the menu: Notable's Rotisserie Chicken Greek Salad

    Some restaurant dishes are absolute classics, like the rotisserie chicken at Notable, so we were thrilled to hear from a reader asking for the Greek salad recipe where it’s the star.

  • Quick Beef and Barley Soup

    While we’re talking barley this month, Canada Beef let us have their recipe for this super-quick and easy, hearty soup that’s just perfect for those weekday dinners.

  • Tunisian Tomato Soup

    Try this simple spin on a classic tomato soup using harissa paste. It just goes to show you that one new ingredient can add a whole new depth to a simple pot of soup. Stay warm out there, folks!

  • Indian-spiced Cabbage and Onion Soup

    While there are some things that go along with tightened purse strings that aren’t too fun, like not being able to go out for lavish dinners or realizing that you should probably return that gold lamé three piece suit you bought at Holt Renfrew on

  • Milk Bones with Wheat Germ

    Making milk bones at home is easy and inexpensive, and you can customize them according to your dog's taste. Try adding a spoonful of peanut butter to the dough, a shake of cinnamon or a small handful of grated cheese.  

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